Getting Started with a New Android Studio Project
  • 07 Feb 2024
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Getting Started with a New Android Studio Project

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Article Summary

Vuzix recommends using the latest Android Studio version. Android Studio can be downloaded from

  • Open Android Studio.

  • Select Start a new Android Studio project from the “Welcome to Android Studio” window.

Welcome to Android Studio

  • Provide the Application name and Company domain in the “Create Android Project” window.

  • Change the Project location if you’d like.

  • There is no need to check the Include C++ support or Include Kotlin support options.

  • Note: BladeOS does support Kotlin build applications since they compile to Android APK applications. For this example we will not use Kotlin.

Create New Project

  • Select Phone and Tablet form factor in the “Target Android Devices” window.

  • The Vuzix Blade currently runs Android 5.1, so select API 22 for the target API.

  • For this example, there is no need to Include Android Instant App support.

Target Android Devices

  • For this example, select the Empty Activity template in the “Add an Activity to Mobile” window.

Add an Activity to Mobile

  • Provide your Activity Name.

  • Ensure the Generate Layout File is checked.

  • Provide your Layout Name.

  • For this Sample, make sure you do not enable the "Backwards Compatibility (AppCompat)" option.

  • Click Finish.

Configure Activity

  • Android Studio will generate the example project and display the MainActivity class as shown below.

New Project

This is the basis of any Vuzix Blade application, and basic Android activity application.

Now lets continue the process of making this Vuzix Blade application by adding the Vuzix HUD libraries and resource.

Next: Adding HUD APIs Resource and Project Cleanup

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