• 19 Dec 2023
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The Vuzix M400C is a monocular USB-C multi-function device packaged in a smart glasses form factor. It is designed to allow users to quickly and easily leverage specialized Android based applications to provide hands-free access to critical information. This allows users to complete tasks faster while simultaneously reducing errors in the process.

The M400C needs to be connected to a standard Android smartphone by a USB cable and allows for use of that phone in an unobtrusive head-mounted form factor. See below for a full list of hardware and interaction capabilities of the device:

  • Full color display:

    • 640x360 nHD resolution occluded OLED

  • Camera capable of up to 12.8MP stills and 4k video with auto-focus and image stabilization

  • Orientation sensors (gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer)

  • User-facing speaker

  • Triple noise-cancelling microphones

  • 4 standard Android control buttons

  • Touch pad with multi finger support

  • Voice control

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