• 09 Jan 2024
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The Z100 smart glasses are designed to allow third-party developers to easily display customized content directly to the user’s line of sight by integrating with our Vuzix Ultralite SDK.

The developer is in full control of what content is displayed on the glasses.  This allows for creating for a streamlined view in the glasses with a more detailed view available on the phone.

Vuzix provides the Ultralite SDK, sample code, and class-level documentation to enable you to easily communicate from an Android or iOS app to the Vuzix Z100 smart glasses. This allows you to create ground-up applications tailored to display on the glasses, or to easily add support for the glasses as a secondary display to an existing application.See below for a full list of hardware and interaction capabilities of the device:

  • Connecting Bluetooth to the Z100 smart glasses (iOS only. On Android this is handled by the Connect app).

  • Monitoring for a previously connected Z100 to be connected or disconnected.

  • Sending text data, images, and simple animations to the Z100.

  • Monitoring for the Z100 to turn its screen on and off with the power button.

  • Monitoring for the Z100 to detect user taps on the glasses frame.

  • Monitoring the battery level and charger state of the Z100.

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