• 07 Feb 2024
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Article Summary

This tutorial will show how to create a Vuzix Blade application with Android Studio. Remember that most Blade applications start as basic Android Apps. This tutorial will start with that assumption.

This tutorial will show how to build the following parts of the Blade Application:

  • Basic Application Structure:

    • Adding Vuzix HUD Libraries

    • Use of Vuzix DynamicThemeApplication class

    • Use of Vuzix ActionMenuActivity class

    • Use of BladeOS Applicaiton Icon Tinting feature

  • How to Create Two UI / UX Styles for Your First Application:

    • Center Content Style

    • Around Content Style

  • Application Widget for the Launch Screen:

    • How to Create a Dynamic Changing Widget with Dynamic Theme

    • How to Use the BladeOS Auto-Widget Loading Feature

If you want to follow along with a pre-built Vuzix Blade Template App, feel free to download the Template app from our Code sample area.

Now let's get started with the Tutorial.

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